Load only a window of segments and discard (soft / hard) delete the rest of the segments


I have been trying to edit rules from the overlord console (the official doc however asks one to edit rules on the coordinator console but could not trace anything there), such that I only see last 15days segment in there. However, I am facing a few problems(0.12.1) :

firstly, I cant see my other rules when I click on to edit rules, it only shows me newer rules that would be added.

secondly, I do not get the “Load” segments really. What does load mean actually ? is it more of a warming up /replicating existing segments, rather than a whitelist of segments?

Please help here.


Hello Sumit,

When you click on Edit Rules, it should show up the existing rules for that datasource. Could you send a screenshot of the Edit Rule page? Load rules are used for retention as defines the period and number of segment replicas that should exist for each segment tier.