Lookup during ingestion not working

I am new to Druid.
I was trying to perform lookup during ingestion time. But then I got the error as shown as below
It says “Failed to sample data”. Seems like it’s not able to find the lookup table. But in fact I can query the lookup manually.

The intention is to have the data ready to be used in Turnilo. So I need to get the data cube ready with the data with site name (site data is already in the kafka topic)

Hope that someone can help or point me to the right direction.


Druid version: 0.21.0

You might need to look for an error message in one of the logs. or do it manually, rather than through the UI to see what the problem might be.

Hi Rachel, thanks for the reply.

May I know where is the ingestion log or which log should I look into (need the path of the log)

These are the logs that I have been looking into but unable to find any useful information >

Have you tried to do it on the command line instead of the console? Can you send over the ingestion spec that you are trying to use?

It doesn’t look like this works in the console, so you will have to do it manually.