Lookup status is not loaded

Iam new to lookups in druid and iam trying to config the lookup .

This is my json file:


“__default”: {

“simplelookup”: {

“version”: “v1”,

“lookupExtractorFactory”: {

“type”: “cachedNamespace”,

“extractionNamespace”: {

“type”: “jdbc”,

“connectorConfig”: {

“createTables”: true,

“connectURI”: “jdbc:postgresql://”,

“user”: “devpostgres”,

“password”: “devpsql123”


“table”: “sample123”,

“keyColumn”: “field_id”,

“valueColumn”: “field_name”,

“tsColumn”: “field_update_time”,

“pollPeriod”: 60000


“firstCacheTimeout”: 5000,

“injective”: true




After the i am post the coordinator 8081

curl -H’Content-Type: application/json’ -XPOST --data-binary @quickstart/lookupconfig.json http://localhost:8081/druid/coordinator/v1/lookups/config

it is successfully configured.

After that iam checking status of lookup.

curl -XGET -H’Content-Type: application/json’ http://localhost:8081/druid/coordinator/v1/lookups/status

i got this result


why iam getting false and iam expecting true.please let me know anything is missing in above code.


Do you see any errors in the Historical logs ?



Hi Roopa,

As per druid doc:https://druid.apache.org/docs/latest/querying/lookups.html

If you have NEVER configured lookups before, you MUST post an empty json object {} to /druid/coordinator/v1/lookups/config to initialize the configuration.

  1. curl -H “Content-Type: application/json” --data {} http://coordinator_IP:8081/druid/coordinator/v1/lookups/config