Lookup type dimension returns nulls


I have configured the lookup type dimension in kafka indexing service.

i have dimension chargingcase and want to have new dimension product. chargingcase has values of 281,282,283 and mapping as below.

product dimension appear in pivot, however it returns null value.

What could be the problem?


         "type": "lookup",


         "dimension": "chargingcase",

         "outputName": "product",

         "replaceMissingValueWith": "notset_product",

         "retainMissingValue": false,

         "lookup": {

           "type": "map",

           "map": {

             "281": "Home (281)",

             "282": "Work(282)",

             "283": "Test (283)"


           "isOneToOne": true




Hey Fatih,

That looks to me like it should work. What happens if you query the chargingcase dimension directly without the lookup map – can you confirm there is actually data in there? What happens if you set isOneToOne: false?


There is data in chargingcase, i tried to set the isOneToOne: false, still same

product comes null.