May I do paging on group by results?

Hi all,

I have to paging over the group by results,I know select can support paging ,what about group by ? or is it correct to using a nest group by datasource to do select paging, that is:







“queryType” : “groupBy”,


“dimensions” : ,

“metrics” :,

“pagingSpec”:{“pagingIdentifiers”: {}, “threshold”:5}


I did have a try, but it seems that it only returned the data ingested, but not the groupbyed data, anything wrong ?

Thanks !

Pagination isn’t supported for groupby; if you’re doing it over a single dimension, though, you can get a similar effect using paginated topNs (see the “lexicographic topnmetric”).

Hi @Gianm do you think this feature is pretty much required if we are having large groupBy result and if we are showing it in tabular format on UI. We are also facing similar issue in our product.


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