Meet and speak to your community!

What a wonderful community we are! And with the launch of the Druid Forum, sponsored by Imply, there are now new opportunities to eat virtual pizza, celebrate our successes, and help one another! In this post, the Imply community team shares its thoughts on how to use the technology at our disposal to build the coolest community on the planet :slight_smile:

I’m intruiged…

The Druid project’s powered by page is full of companies using Druid, giving hints about how they use Druid in the real world. And keep an eye out for Community Spotlight posts on the Imply blog where adoptees (some of who you’ll find in the forums!) talk about why they adopted Druid, what they use it for, and share their tips and tricks.

Want to know more about Druid? Check out Apache Druid-themed meetups and hear from actual users!

And if you want to stay in touch with someone you’ve met, join the Apache Druid Group on LinkedIn and grow your professional network.

Then, whether you’re doing the quickstart or are getting going with your POC feel free to say hi and ask questions on this forum.

Don’t forget to follow @druidio on Twitter, and watch out for posts with #apachedruid hashtag.

I’m using Druid…

While not endorsed by the Apache Software Foundation, the Druid Forum, powered by Discourse, is our favourite place to be. Discourse is awesome as a platform and used by many Open Source communities. You can not only ask your questions in the Q&A section, but also read (and submit!) your own Tips & Tricks, How To… documents, and Stories.

But it doesn’t stop there: the Google Groups user mailing list and StackOverflow (tag your question with druid or apache-druid ) are also great forums to ask questions and get guidance.

I’m an advocate…

It’s great to share! Take a look at the Apache Druid meetups across the world. And if you have a talk or an article in mind, Imply’s Community Team ( is here to offer you support and guidance if you ever need it.

And if you’re not on the Powered By page yet, we’re happy to help you get your name in lights. You can use our form here:

I’m developing Druid…

The Development Mailing List is your go-to place if you want to talk about development of the project overall.

The Github Repository at apache/druid is your next stop. Star the repository and follow along with Druid development as it happens. And it’s where your contributions matter the most.

There’s also the #druid channel on the Apache Software Foundation’s own Slack, where more technically-minded individuals get together and discuss more in-depth topics.

This is a community post! Do you meet and speak to people in other places?! Don’t hesitate! Send us an email and let us know so everyone benefits :slight_smile:

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