'merge' different datasources

I would like to know if there is a way to ‘merge’ 2 different datasources

for example

DataSource A : [ id | age | visit in web site ]

DataSource B: [ id | country | visit in shopping center]

in both datasources id is the same (its unique user id like his mobile device identifier) , age and county are dimensions and number of visit in web site or shopping center is metric

can I merge them to new datasource like

[ id | age | country | #visit in web site | #visit in shopping center ] ?

I used datasource combined option but it works only if both datasources schema are identical

If answer is NO ! , is there away to query from those datasources like its one or configure Pivot to do this task ?


I don’t think this is possible in Druid. I think the only way you can do this if both datasources have the same dimensions but different metrics.

Another thing you could do is combine both inputs using Hadoop (this is what map-reduce is perfect for) before indexing into Druid. Of course this is not possible with realtime indexing.