Migrate metadata from mysql to postgres

what is the current best practice to migrate metadata from mysql to postgres.

Hi Prashant,

This document should help to migrate the metaDB.


The link you provided talks about migrating from the embedded Derby to Mysql/Postgres.

  1. Doesn’t talk about moving from a production Mysql metatadata instance to Postgres.
  2. The link to ‘export metatdata tool’ returns a 404
  3. Its unclear how ‘csv’ data will be exported to the various columns of postgres…

opps forgot to add, point 4:

  1. the link to ‘import commands’ is also broken in the document

Hi Prashant,

Just use mysqldump to export and then import to PostGres using pgdump. Lookup respective documentation for the same.

Just ensure that there are no indexing task when you do this move.

Thanks & Rgds