Migrating druid cluster from IBM cloud to AWS


We currently have a druid cluster deployed on IBM cloud. We use Mysql as the metadata store and S3 compliant IBM Cloud storage service as out deep storage.

We now need to migrate all of the data on this cluster to a new cluster that we would be deploying on AWS. Is there any tooling available for doing this?

We looked at: https://druid.apache.org/docs/latest/operations/export-metadata.html. This tool seem to be supporting only derby metadata store for export.

Here is what i think we will have to do.

  1. Export Mysql data and import that onto a Mysql service on AWS

  2. Copy data from IBM cloud S3 Buckets to AWS S3 buckets (Data as well as logs?)

  3. Somehow update Mysql metadata to point to new Bucket locations

Is there an easier way to do this? What kind of tooling people use to achieve such migration tasks across platforms?