Minimum system requirement


I would start to set up Druid on my server, but my server is a very old server.

It has 8 GB Memory and has only 300 GB on the hard drive.

The CPU is Intel Core ™ 2 Quad @3.00GHz and the cache size is 6144 KB.

Do you think that Druid would work well on this system?

My time series data size would almost 5~10 GB.

Thank you in advance.

For prototyping, your machine can run a druid cluster for sure. I wouldn’t index all of that 5~10 G of data though but rather work with a 1G dataset to see how things work.

– Himanshu

For servicing static data you really only need a historical node and a coordinator (and zookeeper and a metadata store).

Playing devil’s advocate here, if you are only looking to have 1 node running, have you looked at simply using a traditional database?

Hi Himanshu and Charles,

Thank you for your fast reply.

I will try with my machine with a part of my data.

I chose Druid because it would be difficult to index the time series data into the traditional database such as MySQL.

TimeStamp datatype would be not good for indexing.


You can also take a look at the docker-druid repository which leverages docker to spin up a local cluster with all dependencies.