Moving segments from local deep storage to s3

I use druid for ingesting realtime Kafka streams. I initially created a druid cluster with deep storage as local. Then updated the configurations with s3 as deep storage.
Now I have some segments stored in localdisk and rest continues to be stored in s3. How can I move all the deep storage contents to s3.

I moved all the contents manually and then added a new data node but node fails because it cannot find the segment in local disk.

Can anyone please guide me on this.

Hi Amal,

Please take a look at the following tool. This will help update your metadata DB.

Eric Graham

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Thanks for the suggestion.

I couldn’t find documentation on where the executables are for this tool. I hope it’s bundled with druid.

This is the error that I am getting while running.

java -Ddruid.extensions.loadList=[“mysql-metadata-storage”,“druid-s3-extensions”]***-storage -cp /opt/druid/lib/ org.apache.druid.cli.Main tools insert-segment-to-db --workingDir “druid/storage/wikipedia” --updateDescriptor true
Error: Could not find or load main class .opt.druid.lib.accessors-smart-1.2.jar


I am running druid version apache-druid-0.14.2-incubating

Oh, My bad. The issue was not specifying classpath in quotes.

Hey Eric,

I created a staging cluster to try out before doing in prod. I moved the segments folder manually to s3. Then ran the insert-segments-to-db-tool.

-cp "/opt/druid/lib/
" org.apache.druid.cli.Main tools insert-segment-to-db
–workingDir “druid/segments/wikipedia” --updateDescriptor true


The tool ran successfully and I could check the metadata store and see that the segment table has been updated with new s3 path.

Unfortunately the loadspec contains a path field which holds the old path which points to the disk .



The new data node fails to start the historical process mentioning that it’s not able to find the segment in local.

I have uploaded the error log.

Please have a look.

log (10.6 KB)

Can you please send me your conf/druid/_common/ and coordinator and overlord log?

Eric Graham

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