multi valued dimension on comma delimited string

Hi Team,

We have a dimension which holds value as a comma delimited string (ex:“t1,t2,t3”), are there possibilities where we can get this dimension treated as a Multi Valued Dimension without storing them as JSON arrays?

Note: If we have to correct them and load as JSON arrays, all the historical data for the past 6 months has to be fixed



I think you can set “listDelimiter” : “,” in ingestion spec, you can read this doc:

Thanks for the reply,

Problem is I have a JSON data out of which one dimension is having COMMA delimited values rather than the JSON array.

Tried specifying listDelimiter in parserSpec but it is expecting JSON array


“parser” : {

“type” : “string”,

“parseSpec” : {

“format” : “json”,

“dimensionsSpec” : {

“dimensions” : [






“timestampSpec” : {

“format” : “auto”,

“column” : “time”





Hi Satish, I believe you can just pass in a value of the form {key:}[“val1”,“val2”,“val3”] and things should work. Does that not work for you?

Er, {key:[“val1”,“val2”,“val3”]}