Multiple Middle manages not working


I configured druid clusters with 3 middle manager. But all the tasks are getting assigned to single manager only that too one at a time. Is there a configuration I am missing?



All three middle managers are visible on the console under “Remote Workers” section … but tasks are not getting distributed

I am not sure what mistake I am doing. All the manages are visible…but only one is picking up the tasks…All the other tasks are pilling up as waiting tasks…
I tried with restarting the service also recreating the whole middle manager node…Still they are not picking up the tasks.

Any help is appreciated. Thanks


The ingestion process is seriously slow with single manager and single worker. Not sure why tasks are not being processed by other manager/worker even though it is setup. Any insight would be helpful.



Friends any help on this?

Which druid version are you using ?
what is the worker capacity set to ?

Also, check your worker selection strategy being used, is it the default one ?

Refer for worker select strategy details.


I am using druid-0.10.1

and worker capacity is set to 3

I didn’t change the worker selection strategy. Do I need to?

Thanks a lot



I tried with fillCapacity as well…It also gives same result

Here is the detail

/ 20171204212633

// http://XX.XX.XX.XXX:8081/druid/indexer/v1/worker/history



“key”: “worker.config”,

“type”: “worker.config”,

“auditInfo”: {

“author”: “”,

“comment”: “”,

“ip”: “XXX.XX.X.X”


“payload”: “{“selectStrategy”:{“type”:“fillCapacity”},“autoScaler”:null}”,

“auditTime”: “2017-12-04T19:06:44.714Z”



Friends, Any help on this? I have tried with lot of different options and selection strategy but none of them are working.

Any help is appreciated. Thanks

I found the issue. The interval were same for all the task, hence overload was not able to acquire the lock. This is fixed by changing the interval for each task submitted.