Multiple supervisors going to pending task in Druid


I am running multiple supervisors in druid. When I am seeing the overlord console only three tasks are running in Running Task and other are going to Pending Task.

When I am sending data to the druid datasource which is in pending task it is not reflecting. Can’t we move all the supervisors running in Running Task or there is way to set the number of tasks to be run in Running Task. Could anyone please help on this. Due to this I am not able to run multiple supervisors.



Hi Monika,

You may like to go through below thread: To verify few basic configurations!msg/druid-user/b15kUO-obpg/75KKRBf0AgAJ

OverLord/Middle manager Configuration:

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What is the no. of workers in middleManager, if it 3 then

try to increase the no. of workers => no. of task

Where to increase no.of workers in middleManager?

My middleManager

Number of tasks per middleManagerdruid.worker.capacity=10

It is already set to 10. Can you please let me know where to do the changes.



Hi Monica,

Based on your last response it seems druid.worker.capacity is set to 10 in your case.

What is druid.worker.capacity ?