multiple task submitting to overlord

Hi Guys,

I am using druid 0.7.0 .

I am running Local Overlord Indexer.

I want to submit multiple task to Overlord but want to active one and others should be in next queue or in pending .

After 1st task finished next one pending task should be go for active.

What is Overlord config for this scenario ?


Jitesh Mogre

Hi Jitesh,

The overlord naturally queues up tasks if it has no capacity to run them. This is determined by the druid.worker.capacity setting.

Hi Gian,

I am running indexer in local. No remote worker is running on it.

Can i add druid.worker.capacity=1 property in local overlord? Which will do only one task in active state and others are in pending queue?

Yeah, that should work.

Its working.