My Tranquility server setup is processing ingest data very slow

I downloaded and setup the Tranquility Server ( without optimize just use default right from the download), it seems working fine.

I am doing some POC by fetching data from Kinesis stream then post data to Tranquility server in my Mac laptop. The fetching data from Kinesis is fast , however , it is very low finish posting http to tranquility

server (e.g take a while to get http status response 200 back). I am not sure there is problem with my code, or Tranquility server setup and with best practice to setup Tranquility server in production or optimal .



from pynesis.streams import KinesisStream

import time

import requests

import json

Get a reference to the stream we want to work with

stream = KinesisStream(“mystream”, region_name=“us-west-2”)

Read from the stream

for record in

print ‘*************** Start Consume stream from Kinesis Stream*******************************’

headers = {‘content-type’: ‘application/json’}

p_json = json.loads(

print p_json

r =‘http://locahost:8200/v1/post/mydatasource’, json=p_json, headers=headers, stream=True)

print r.status_code