MySQL based Metadata stores will be down for 2 hours

I was informed from Amazon that MySQL based metadata stores in AWS will be down for 2 hours next week. I’m wondering if Druid cluster (0.8.0) may be not working without Metadata Store for 2 hours.

Do we need to build new MySQL server as a metadata store, change configuration and restart all components? Anyone who can help us?

(I’m curious why only metadata stores of Druid cluster does not have duplicated instance?)

You should be fine even if it’s down. All it will mean is that new segments won’t be handed off. Assuming you have enough capacity to handle ingestion for 2 hrs you should be fine.

Also, usually people use master-slave RDS, which Usually doesn’t require a full downtime for maintenance. You might double check if your RDS instance is set up with a replica.


Hi Eric,

Thank you for your help.