Mysql-metadata storage, master-master?

I all, we are prepping for our first prod deployment, and are setting up our meta-datadb in mysql.

I do not see anything regarding replication setup at:

We will obviously have 2 mysql databases, my question is, should we set these up as master/master? can druid handle that? or do we need to master<-slave replication?

also, side question…which druid processes actually talk to the meta-db?



Hi Daniel,

Master slave replication definitely works. Haven’t tried the master-master set up and not sure if it works.

which druid processes actually talk to the meta-db?

From the docs,

The Metadata Storage is accessed only by:
Indexing Service Processes (if any)
Realtime Processes (if any)
Coordinator Processes



Thanks for the info, I’m a bit concerned with the 1 point of failure built into the system, but I suppose that if I ever get the time, I could contribute to the project, by improving that situation.