Need a query to find the no of rows returned by the filter condition


I have been trying the following request, I wanted to have the number of tows returned based on the filter condition.

It does return the rowCount properly, but it also aggregates all the dimentions specified along and returns single event instead of 3 expected events.

Could you please help me on getting the count(*) - row count along with all the column details?


“queryType”: “groupBy”,

“dataSource”: “xyzzy”,

“granularity”: “day”,

“dimensions”: [“ID”, “IDNO”, “ProductName”],

“aggregations”: [


“type”: “doubleSum”,

“name”: “GMV7DayAmt”,

“fieldName”: “GMV7DayAmt”



“type”: “filtered”,

“filter”: {

“type”: “and”,

“fields”: [{

“type”: “selector”,

“dimension”: “ID”,

“values”: “xxxxx”



“type”: “regex”,

“dimension”: “IDNO”,

“pattern”: “xxxxx|yyyy|zzzzz”




“aggregator”: {

“type”: “count”,

“name”: “rowCount”




“intervals”: [“2018-02-01/2018-02-08”]


Thanks and Regards,