Need enable jackson's JsonParser.Feature.ALLOW_UNQUOTED_CONTROL_CHARS

We have some services product complex json data,and realtime task throw many JsoParseException:

Caused by: com.fasterxml.jackson.core.JsonParseException: Illegal unquoted character ((CTRL-CHAR, code 4)): has to be escaped using backslash to be included in string value at [Source:
and i find we just need to set ALLOW_UNQUOTED_CONTROL_CHARS to true in jackson.


  •    objectMapper.configure(Feature.ALLOW_UNQUOTED_CONTROL_CHARS, true);

So, what about add this feature in druid?

I’m on board with this feature. Can you submit a PR for it?

I think an option for this behavior is ok, but I’m wondering what prevents you from quoting control characters in your JSON? Unquoted control characters are technically not allowed by the JSON spec.