Need help: Druid - Quick Start : index_hadoop_wikipedia: Fails with no file found error


I am trying to set up druid. I have installed Druid version Hadoop distribution is CDH 5.8 - Hadoop 2.6.0.

I have installed it. The services start-up with no issue (using conf-quickstart mode).

When I try to run index_hadoop_wikipedia quickstart task it fails with the following exceptions (details below). Can you please help, I am not able to understand which file is missing.

I have created folder /home/ubuntu/Hadoop-dependencies/hadoop-client/2.6.0 folder and moved all jars in that location.

pointed “druid.extensions.hadoopDependenciesDir” tag to the proper directory .

Included “hadoopDependencyCoordinates”: [“org.apache.hadoop:hadoop-client:2.6.0”] in the file wikiticker-index.json.

Can you please help:

detailed log

Hey Sayantan,

Have you figured this one out yet? The issue is likely with a bad (which your logs show as ‘var/tmp’). Try making this an absolute path, i.e. ‘/var/tmp’. Also make sure the directory exists and that the user has read/write permissions.