Nested groupBy time reference missing

Hi all,

I have the following groupBy query with an another groupBy nested.


“queryType”: “groupBy”,

“dataSource”: {

“type”: “query”,

“query”: {

“queryType”: “groupBy”,

“dataSource”: “my-events”,

“granularity”: “all” ,

“dimensions”: [“playerId”],

“aggregations”: [

{ “type”: “longFirst”, “name”: “first_time_event_by_player_timestampMillis”, “fieldName”: “timestampMillis” }


“intervals” : [“2019-12-20T00/2020-01-22T00”]



“granularity”: “day”,

“aggregations”: [

{ “type”: “count”, “name”: “total_first_events_by_day” }


“intervals” : [“2019-12-20T00/2020-01-22T00”],
“context”: {

“groupByStrategy”: “v1”



// Note that dimension “timestampMillis” contains the timestamp in milliseconds.


The issue that I am facing is that the granularity by day in the outer is not working as I’d expect. I am getting a unique row with the lower level of the nested groupBy when the nested query (executing isolated) return a lot rows in a wide time interval. It seems it doesn’t have a proper time reference.

I am a rookie in Druid. Maybe am I missing something?

Best regards

Jose Velasco