Nested ProtoBuf message with extensions

Hi All,

I just realized I sent an email to the wrong address. Now that this is
a right address. Here is my question:

I have a nested protobuf message and I am not sure how exactly to
configure for Kafka Indexing Service.


first_key:<[second_key ]:<[third_ext]:<fourth_record:<name:“example” id:1 counter:22 sent:0 received:0 ><fourth_record:<name:“example2” id:2 counter:23 sent:0 received:0 >

Also this nested proto message has been created using multiple proto files.
For example I have two proto files:

top.proto ( this one uses proto extensions example: message IETFSensors {extensions 1 to max;})

second.proto (this one imports top.proto)

The proto message should always unmarshal with top.proto to get the
message in second.proto

I can’t find any examples.

Could someone please help me out.

Kind regards,