New datasource from existing datasource


I have some data loaded into Druid, say the datasource is named as "retail_data_norollup_index’

I am trying to use this datasource (retail_data_norollup_index), and create a new datasource (more of pre-aggregated data).

Attached ingestion spec. It is failing with the following error. Can you guys please help.

{“error”:“Unexpected character (’”’ (code 34)): was expecting comma to separate OBJECT entries\n at [Source: HttpInputOverHTTP@3a9cb345[c=640,q=0,[0]=null,s=STREAM]; line: 1, column: 249] (through reference chain: org.apache.druid.indexing.common.task.IndexTask[“spec”])"}

Regards, Chari.

ingest_segment_to_segment.json (666 Bytes)

Hi Lakshmi:

Error says it “was expecting comma to separate” . Can you double check the ingestion spec ?


Hi Ming,

Thanks. Got it working. My bad with typos.

Regards, Chari.