New Druid Stable - 0.7.3

Please find the release notes here:

If you find any issues, please let us know.

Our goals with 0.7.3 is to release dimension compression, along with numerous documentation changes. We plan to do release an RC for 0.8.0 in the very near future that includes backwards incompatible changes for how Druid emits metrics.

Hi Fangjin,
I am running on version -0.6.160. Earlier I heard we should use only absolute path for deep storage in DRUID runtime configuration in historical. Now when I am going through a migration I am seeing the painpoint like DRUID_SEGMENTS in mysql are using those absolute path stored in blob. Is there any hard set rule that we should not use relative path in the configuration which i also believe is the correct approach so that future migration will not be implacted. Please share your thoughts on this.

FYI When I did this change, it seems like historicals are doing fine. is it okay to change it to relative path instead of absolute path for storage?

Hi Malini,

Have you had a chance to look at : which discusses migrating mysql to use utf-8 (instead of latin-1) encoding? There should be no changes required to how you specify your deep storage, or the paths of your deep storage for migration. Please also create a separate topic for your issue in the future.