New Lookup Status endpoints are hidden

The “somewhat” recent change to (additional lookup status discovery http endpoints at coordinator #4228) added some “potentially” useful interfaces for tracking the status of dynamic lookups.




However, I cannot access these API points as they appear to be “hidden” behind the original lookup api points of:



For example:

curl -X GET http://:8081/druid/coordinator/v1/lookups/status

{“error”:“Tier [status] not found”}

I would propose a change, but the proper change would be a modification in the URI and I think it would be better if someone who had more insight into URI naming for Druid would decide.

Let me know if you notice I’m doing something clearly wrong here due to mis-understanding.



Thanks, I think your observation is correct and it would indeed need naming changes for the URIs.

I’m probably gonna add ‘/config’ prefix to URIs that return state from db.

so, we’ll have ‘/config/…’ , ‘/status/…’ and ‘/nodeStatus/…’ endpoints with no collisions.

– Himanshu

should be fixed by . we’ll release it in 0.11.0 .