New web console server error

Hi guys,

Just upgraded Druid from 0.13.0-incubating to 0.14.0-incubating and ran a new web console.

Everything is working fine except http://<ROUTER_IP>:<ROUTER_PORT>/unified-console.html# servers
which throws server error in MiddleManagers section saying: “Request failed with status code 500”. By digging in through requests can see that the following is the cause of it:

GET http://<ROUTER_IP>:<ROUTER_PORT>/druid/indexer/v1/workers 500 (Server Error)

And it returns:

{“error”:“Task Runner does not support worker listing”}

Can anybody shed some light on this? How could I enable worker listing? Did I misconfigure Druid?




I too want to know the answer to this :-p

When can /druid/indexer/v1/workers fail ?

Hey Shinesun & Vadim,

This happens when you are using the local runner (in which all tasks run directly on the overlord), because it doesn’t have a concept of workers. The worker list is only populated when you have druid.indexer.runner.type=remote.

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Thank you for the clarification Gian, we probably should have a special provision for this is the web console.


Thank you, guys! All clear.