No able to access TEMP folder in druid

Temp folder given in the jvm properties ,Temp folder not able to access daily size increasing.

How to decrease the size of this folder,Whether any impact if the size of the folder increased.

Thanks in advance.

Hi baneshbanna, can you show us what’s in the temp folder?


ls -ltr command also not working on that folder.

Druid writting some data in to that folder.what data it is writting?

How to clear that data.

Please advice.

Thanks in advance.

Are you running that with sufficient privileges? If LS is failing, that folder was probably created by elevated user.

ls -ltr command working,But its taking more time after 3 hours also its executing ,Iam planning to delete the entire folder,then i will create new folder,

Please advice if i delete the temp folder what is the impact on druid components.

Sounds like a disk problem or memory/cpu exhaustion on the server you are on. Can you run top?

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Its a mount path.server CPU/Memory is consistent,

My doubt is druid creating more smaller files in that folder thats why that folder is not able to access even with ls -ltr command to know how many files are there in folder,

Please advice if i delete temp folder what will the impact.

First try to change the privileges given to the temp directory.
and give it to the permission of read,write and execute then delete it.