No data replication

Hi !

I using a Druid cluster with two Data server (historical and Middle Manager), one query Server and one master server, as described in the tutorial.

Everything works perfectly but when I’m loading the data (the wikiticker-2015-09-12-sampled.json.gz ) of 4.32 MB, its only loading in one server ! I am using a Load Forever rule.

So my first historical server has a current size of 4.32MB and the other one is empty !

Does someone knows why ???

Thanks !

Hi Clem,
In your coordinator console, by any chance, is replication factor for that data source is set to 1?



Hi Siva, in the consol I set the replication to two … What do you think of this ?

El El mar, 2 jul 2019 a las 19:25, Siva Mannem escribió: