No dimension columns?

I am running tranquility-kafka realtime ingestion. Using metabase I don’t see dimension columns showing up (I have sync’ed database in metabase and there is no error syncing it).

Here is the payload from the indexing tasks. Any idea what could be wrong? Appreciate your help!

Someone once told me that Metabase uses broker info endpoints to find dimensions, which only works for historical data. Druid has a segmentMetadata query that can be used to get dimensions for both realtime and historical data, so the fix would be to get Metabase to use that. You could also check out one of the other UIs for Druid, like Pivot (, proprietary but there is a free trial) or Superset (, open source).

Thanks Gian. That appeared to be the case. I will checkout the other two tools.

FYI i think Superset has the same issue too.

You can try Swiv (Ex pivot) as well

Thanks! This works.