No hosts are available for disco!firehose:overlord:dsp_report_tranquility-010-0001-0001

hi all, I have a problem when using tranquility.
Error msg: “No hosts are available for disco!firehose:overlord:dsp_report_tranquility-010-0001-0001”

I have read the mail list related with the problem. I checked my configuration files and made sure that overload service name are the same in tranquility and overload. But the problem goes on.

As my understanding indexing-service registers service in zookeeper and tranquility use them, and the service registry info should contain service provider info(such as host port etc.).

So I searched in the middle manger log file but did not found any registry info about the curator service “firehose:overlord:dsp_report_tranquility-010-0001-0001”.

The curator service registry info may like this “2016-05-16 19:01:50,229 INFO i.d.c.d.CuratorServiceAnnouncer [task-runner-0-priority-0] Announcing service[DruidNode{serviceName=‘firehose:overlord:dsp_report_tranquility-011-0001-0000’, host=‘’, port=8103}]”.

I use tranquility 0.8.0 and Druid 0.9.0.

My tranquility configuration file is attached.

Can anyone help? thanks in advance.

kafka.json (7.55 KB)

This may sound weird. If you are using Tranquility to post events to Druid, trying converting your JSON to the server.json spec of Tranquility. There is a slight difference on how your datasource is framed.


Also, more importantly, make sure your Druid components are in UTC timezone and your server component that sends data to Tranquility is also in UTC otherwise the events might be dropped.

Your “druid.selectors.indexing.serviceName” property needs to match the “druid.service” name of your overlord. The default value is ‘druid/overlord’ so if you haven’t overridden this in your overlord configs, try changing this in your kafka.json.

I use kafka as tranquility’s datasource. Event in kafka are in UTC+8 timezone, the same as tranquility and Druid . I will compare tranquility configuration file in the office website with myself. Thanks for your advice.

在 2016年5月16日星期一 UTC+8下午8:47:31,Jagadeesh M写道:

My overlord service name is also “overlord”. Thanks for help.

在 2016年5月17日星期二 UTC+8上午4:34:20,David Lim写道:

Druid only supports UTC, so you might have better success if your convert all of your services over to using UTC instead of UTC+8.

A small correction, Druid does support other timezones that are not UTC, however, we strongly recommend UTC as the standard timezone for your data.

I think is the time sync problem, make sure all your cluster components are running in utc+0800 and devices time is synchronized. restart your cluster to check logs time is correct