No logs on overlord console


We are not able to see logs on overlord console. some of the tasks have logs and rest show up as “No log was found for this task. The task may not exist, or it may not have begun running yet.”

Why does this happen to just some of the tasks ?

Thanks !

same issue. hdfs cluster is normal

naveen kavuri naveenrt23@gmail.com于2018年11月16日 周五上午3:32写道:

Hey guys,

can anyone help us on why we are not seeing any logs on overlord console ?

Thanks !

Hi Naveen,

Usually it happens because the middleManagers (which run tasks) could not upload task logs. Try checking their logs for for details.

It could also happen if you haven’t got a shared log storage configured (druid.indexer.logs.type should be “hdfs” or “s3” or other some kind of shared storage).