No management proxy mode in web console

Relates to Apache Druid <24.0>

In my management console, I am seeing “No management proxy mode” warning, but I already enabled druid.router.managementProxy.enabled=true, anything else I need check.

Hi JW, have you tried to check connectivity between the nodes? This can sometimes be thrown when the router/query cannot talk to the master node

Thanks for the reply, does master node here refer to coordinators and overlords?

Since console is mostly working, so I assume the communication between nodes are working, but I will check logs to make sure.

Hi and yes, Master here refers to Coordinator/Overlord.

The Console just needs the query node to be up for it to work. I see datasources in your screenshot so that points to possibly something else. This might either be because of communication issues between the nodes{Maybe check the TLS Settings?} or maybe permission issues in the install

Thanks, can you be a bit more specific on permission issue, what should I check, any doc direction will be very helpful.

Hello, vijeth, thanks for the help, yes, it is some TLS setting related to /status endpoint because we have a custom TLS extension to work with our internal security setup. I am able to fix the issue. Now console seems fully working except a few 404 errors, not sure if it also indicates some issues?

This looks like a normal console to me. Supervisors are added when you connect to Kafka/Kinesis. Lookups are not always used.

Congrats on debugging and getting to the bottom of this and getting to a working cluster! Please reach out if you need further assistance.


Thanks so much for the help, I definitely have other challenges, but keep this thread to focus on console issue ONLY :slight_smile: , hopefully, it can help other people in the future.