No Segments created - Kafka Indexing Service

Hi All,
I’m using Kafka indexing service with **segment granularity: 1H, queryGranularity: NONE, taskDuration: PT10M
** The data ingested is 6 months old data in the kafka topics. We are using ETL to historically backfill some of our data in legacy systems.
Essentially the field that is indexed -with timespec - is 6 months old time.

What I notice is that:
-> There are no segments created in deep storage for the intervals.
-> There are rows in the druid_pendingsegments table in the metadata storage.
-> The task log shows that there is a request created for SegmentAllocation to the overlord

2018-06-18T15:28:31,806 INFO [task-runner-0-priority-0] io.druid.indexing.common.actions.RemoteTaskActionClient - Submitting action for task[] to overlord: [SegmentAllocateAction{dataSource=’<MASKED>’, timestamp=2018-01-31T03:27:49.104Z, queryGranularity=NoneGranularity, preferredSegmentGranularity={type=period, period=PT1H, timeZone=UTC, origin=null}, sequenceName=‘index_kafka_caliper-sample-atomic-avro-kafka-prod-eventTime-test6_31f44481cd36d94_0’, previousSegmentId=‘caliper-sample-atomic-avro-kafka-prod-eventTime-test6_2018-01-29T22:00:00.000Z_2018-01-29T23:00:00.000Z_2018-06-18T15:28:29.288Z’, skipSegmentLineageCheck=‘true’}].Enter code here…


The taskCount is set to: 1 with replica: 2

Can someone suggest what the problem could be here?

  "granularitySpec" : {
    "type" : "uniform",
    "segmentGranularity" : "HOUR",
    "queryGranularity" : "NONE",
    "rollup" : false
"ioConfig" : {
  "topic" : "`<Masked>`",
  "consumerProperties": {
    "bootstrap.servers": "<Masked>",
    "": "druid-indexer-consumer-avro-prod-atomic-6"
  "taskDuration": "PT10M",
"tuningConfig" : {
  "type" : "kafka",



Hi Guys,

 The out of order events are so sparse outside the task duration time. Looking at the overlord logs, it seems to suggest that there were segments pending to be created for those sparse events...

 Any suggestions guys?

OverLord Logs: