Not able to create two overlord cluster with separate middle managers

Hi guys,

I am using druid version 0.16.0 to Kafka indexing in two different regions.

Here I am trying to create two overlord nodes in 2 different regions in local or remote running mode. So, I can create 2 clusters to consume data from Kafka with the respective regions.

When I start one overlord it is running fine, but when I start 2nd overlord in a different region with different service name druid/overlord-uk.

It starts service but when I open the Console of that overlord it redirects to the US region overlord.


Is there any config we can say these are both different overlords and can we create two overlord cluster under one coordinator?

Please help me with this issue. Let me know if any further information need to decode this issue



Hi Jitesh:

We can only have one active master/overlord in a cluster at any time, or they may cause split brain problem.