Not aggregating a metric over time


Is it possible to have a metric that does not aggregate over time but all other dimensions.

As an example say we have Consultants and their metrics (Funding, Hours, Lines of Code)

Consultant Project Funding Period Hours Lines of Code Language

C1 P1 25K 01/31/07 8 300 Java

C2 P2 10K 01/31/07 7 150 JavaScript

Here the Funding will not aggregate by time if queried at Month level for instance, but should aggregate for other dimensions.

Funding for all consultants remains same for any time granularity.

Whereas Lines of Code and Hours will aggregate as usual over time.

Thank You


If funding for a consultant is same and you just want the value, you can get around this by using a max aggregator instead of sum, and since all rows has same value, max will return the value you need.