Not to able to connect from superset to druid

I am trying to connect from a superset running on docker-compose to my druid cluster (running in 1 master, 1 historical, 1 mm and 1 query) I followed the instructions here to setup the basic auth, No TLS though and I have tried both druid coordinator and druid broker at 9088, 8082 etc but keep getting superset.exceptions.SupersetTimeoutException: Please check your connection details and database settings, and ensure that your database is accepting connections, then try connecting again. is there in anything to do in the docker-compose.yml or anywhere else. Pls guide as I dont know what exactly is missing I also see func_timeout.exceptions.FunctionTimedOut: Function ping (args=(Engine(druid://admin:***@brokerhost:8082/druid/v2/sql),)) (kwargs={}) timed out after 30.000000 seconds. on docker console (new to docker as well) so I tried to curl from the superset_app container but it's not reaching . All running on EC2 and I have the ports opened as well in my security group for the container IP (edited)

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