Official document translation to Chinese


I’m a Big Data developer from China, and I’ve read the official document a lot, it’s a good material to study.

I’d like to contribute to translate the docs to Chinese, which could help Druid users in China better understand Druid.

I wish to have the opportunity to do this job.


Hey Wei,

That is an interesting prospect - thanks for the offer! Would you mind joining the Druid development list (, which you can join by emailing and discussing this over there? There would likely be some questions around how we keep the translated docs up to date, whether they should be presented as official docs, and so on.

Hi Gian,

Happy to receive your reply, I’ve sent an application mail to, and wish to join the development list to discuss the questions you raised.

A quick solution for the timely update of translated docs, may create several versions of docs, and correlate the docs version to druid release version, just like what Elasticsearch does:

There are at least three benefits:

  1. we can add the new features in the docs belonged to that version, not just in the change log;

  2. the progress of translation can be separated from function release, which can provide translators some time to do the work;

  3. when the translation work doesn’t finish, users can read the older version of translated docs, and don’t rush to the latest one.

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