Open source analytics tools for Druid

Hey guys,

My name is Vadim. I am the original author of facet.js. I have been working on a number of projects to make Druid more awesome to use. Two of these projects are now mature enough to open.

Plywood (

Plywood is an open source library for querying Druid. It’s an extension of the work I was doing on facet.js. I’ve reworked the APIs and fixed numerous issues with the project. The idea is to make building data applications easier.

Pivot (

Pivot is an open source exploratory analytics UI built on top of Plywood that’s meant to work really well with Druid. It enables OLAP operations such as slice and dice, drill down, and roll-up in a visualized manner. Pivot also comes with a sample local dataset if you want to just try it out without a Druid connection. Pivot is currently in early alpha so DO NOT USE IN PRODUCTION and expect big UI changes.

If you are interested to try out Pivot please follow the instructions in the README and let me know if you have difficulties setting it up.

I’d love to get feedback on both projects.

I have been informed that there was an omission in the setup scripts for the Pivot UI.
My apologies if you have checked out Pivot but were unable to run it due to the missing gulp all command in the instructions.

Please note that new features are being added to Pivot literally every day so make sure to stay up to date with regular pulls.

Yesterday evening filtering form the table filtering made it into master.

Hi Vadim,

Thank you for introducing Pivot. I am facing the problem of connecting Pivot to Druid. I have wikipedia data in Druid realtime (that I pulled data from Kafka) locally and then I start pivot --druid localhost:8084

it showed me:

Could not get druid source list: ‘Bad status code’

Initial introspection complete. Got 0 data sources, 0 queryable

Could not get druid source list: ‘Bad status code’

Could not get druid source list: ‘Bad status code’

Do you have any guidance of how to make connection to Druid?