Overload Node


I have installed druid 0.7.3 for clustering, have setup other nodes, but i could not able to find middle manager node. Can someone please clarify me which will be acting as middle manager node and guide in configuring it.

have the same question…I wonder if I need to set up middle manager to run hadoop index task correctly.

Druid overlord can run in 2 modes based on the value of property druid.indexer.runner.type=local/remote

by default, it is set to local and in that case Overlord node itself acts as Middle Manager.

In general, if you are doing realtime ingestion then you would typically need the middle managers and if you are only doing hadoop batch ingestion then overlord alone would be enough to run the tasks (as most of the work is happening on hadoop grid really)

see more on http://druid.io/docs/0.8.0/configuration/indexing-service.html#overlord-configs

– Himanshu