Paging query using sql interface

Hi ,
I have started to explore Druid to replace our current relational database.

One of the query which we mostly use involves paging with Limit and Offset.

As I understand the paging is supported in druid JSON queries.

I want to achieve the same with SQL query using Avatica JDBC driver. Is it possible ?

If yes , can someone give an example how to fire such queries.

Thanks in advance.



I have encountered the same problem,have you solved it?

Also, is there a tool to convert sql to json? Because json can support pagination.

在 2018年4月9日星期一 UTC+8下午6:04:15,Santosh Akhilesh写道:

While you can’t page data using SQL, as results are streamed back to the client, it is easy to get the JSON query from a SQL query using EXPLAIN PLAN FOR before your query.