Please remember to update Druid's Powered By

Hey everyone,

In an effort to help grow the Druid community, we ask that if you are in production with Druid, to please update along with a description of your use cases. Adding more use cases helps other organizations evaluate the project.

Also, please help us with blog posts and talks. Writing blogs or giving talks is a great way to promote both your organization and the work you are doing there and the project as well.



Hi FJ, we at Deep.BI extensively use Druid since two years and have some deeper experience with it. We started posting detailed articles with challenges we have on our blog. Can we help you somehow with promoting Druid?

Definitely, you can raise a PR at for describing how you use Druid.

I think I did it two days ago, waiting for merge. Thanks!

I don’t see one on, are you sure you filed it? Do you have the link handy?

I’m new to druid。 I ingest data by kafka via tranquility,the granularitySpec about my json config is :
“granularitySpec” : {
“type” : “uniform”,

“segmentGranularity” : “HOUR”,

“queryGranularity” : “none”


Firstly the first task start,one hour past,the task is still running ,and another new task started.

Is there more and more tasks started as time pass by? what’s the way to solve it ? Once kill it ,the data can’t query . Please help me!