Port error


I have install druid on my personal system using the DRUID official doc. But after installing when I am running druid services along with zookeeper(as written in doc), it’s throwing an error that Port 2181 is already running bcz that is acquired by zookeeper. So, what to do please help I am totally new to druid.

Did you had any other process running on port 2181 before installing Druid ?


Zookeeper by default takes PORT 2181 and it’s running so to run kafka.

You can use the same zookeeper cluster for your other stack and druid cluster. Assuming the zk cluster is resilient enough to handle them. Typically, in my experience, sharing same zk is fine in a non prod env. In prod, I have always leaned towards isolating the zk clusters across my apps.

You can also run zk for druid on a different port.