Problem Configuring 2 historicals

Hello !

I have set a druid cluster with one Master Server, one Query Server and one Data Server. I would like to add a Data Server.

So I configure it and start it. But When I go in the console I see two MiddleManagers but only one Historical, with the first Data server 's IP.

The thing is both of the historical logs ends with "Successfully started lifecycle [module] "

I would like to try adding a node what happen when we remove a node.

Thanks for advance !


Most likely the IP addresses are not getting resolved correctly. Check Zookeeper to see if the historicals have correctly announced themselves.

What do you mean nby checking Zookeeper ? The logs ?

Nope. Connect to Zookeeper client and list the folders to check.

Okay thanks. And do you know where do I have to check ?

I check almost every folder and here is what I found :

/druid/servedSegments has both IP adresses of data servers

same for /druid/internal-discovery/HISTORICAL and /MIDDLE_MANAGER

same for the folders from /druid/indexer/

same for /druid/announcements and /druid/segments

Every folder seems to have the correct IP address folder

I hope you have the same config files in both the data nodes.

Hi, Yes I do. But the second data server appeared once in the console and now I can’t get it back.

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