Problem implementing Theta Sketch through UI


So i’ve read theta sketch is useful when in a high cardinality column, we need approx count. I’m trying to implement that but when i try to add a metric, i do not see thetaSketch in drop down. There is a cardinal and hyperUnique but no Sketches. I’ve also tried changing it in JSON but it gives error then. Is there any other way to implement sketch, or is there an alternate.

I’m using Druid 0.16 and ensured package is included in _common.runtime. Running in single-server micro setup.


Shubham Venayak

please share your injestion spec. Theta sketch should be added to the metric spec.

“metricsSpec”: [


      "name": "count",

      "type": "count"



      "name": "uniquecount",

      "type": "thetaSketch",

      "fieldName": "member_id"



Hi Vijay,

Found my mistake. I was using ‘fieldname’ instead of ‘fieldName’.


Shubham Venayak