Problem on sending Timeboundary to Router

Hi All,

I sent a TimeBoundary to a broker and got a non-empty response.

However, when I am trying to send a TimeBoundary query to the router, I got empty response. And I found that the timeBoundary query didn’t forward to the broker.

Any idea why timeboundary query doesn’t work on the router?



Hi Jiyang Li,

Do other queries against this data source work from Router?

Yes, I tested groupby queries against the same data source and it worked.

Was there anything abnormal about the return from the Broker? Maybe a weird HTTP code or a cut connection? Sometimes the Router doesn’t like those.

Hi Gian,

The response from the Broker is the expected response.



I tried postman and curl to send the POST requests, I tried to send other type queries to the router and detected the queries in Broker’s request log as well, but the Timeboundary query doesn’t work.



Hey Jiyang,

I’m not sure what could be causing this. timeBoundary queries definitely work on the Router in other deployments I have seen. I even tested it myself.

Maybe capturing traffic with wireshark or something similar would help point to a solution?

Thanks for your reply,

I figure out why the timeboundary is not working. Here is my case:

In Router, we have a tierToBrokerMap looks like

{"tier1":"druid/broker-tier1", "tier2":"druid/broker-teir2","_default_tier":"druid/broker"}


The timeboundary query was always forward to “tier1” broker, and we expected it to show up in “tier2” broker. (only tier2 broker watches the data source we are looking for)

Looks like the tierToBroker doesn’t work for Timeboundary query. I don’t know if it is expected or I didn’t set up the configuration well or it is an issue of Druid.


Jiyang Li