Problem with ZK connexion

Hello !

I just installed the Druid cluster : I have one Master Server, one Query Server and one Data Server for now.

When I start each server an error is raised with the router as you can see in the picture.

However I indicated the port in the conf/druid/cluser/_common/ as follow :

Does someone knows where does it come from ?

Thanks !!

It should be coming from your common file (

Here is my common file. Do you see something thath could go wrong ?

druid.extensions.loadList=[“druid-hdfs-storage”, “druid-kafka-indexing-service”, “druid-datasketches”, “druid-s3-extensions”]

If you have a different version of Hadoop, place your Hadoop client jar files in your hadoop-dependencies directory

and uncomment the line below to point to your directory.


If the zookeeper and port are correct, then check if zookeeper is running fine.
“netstat -laputen | grep 2181” should confirm is that port is listening. If it is not, there is a problem with zookeeper.

Your logs are just saying that it’s not able to connect to zookeeper on the host and port you have configured.

I think the port is listening as you can see with the picture. Could it be a porbleme with the differents vm ? What do you mean by a problem with zookeeper ?

Thanks !

There would have been a problem if the port was not showing up on your netstat. But now that it is, no problem there.

You might want to check you can reach zookeeper from all your servers. You can quickly check using telnet

Okay but what do I have to check with telnet ? (I never used this command)

I tried telnet (which is the ip adress from the master server) and it says : No route to host

I suspect a connection problem between all your servers. Are you on AWS? Or is it a private cloud?

For the moment I’m just trying it in local.
I just that it could be a firewall problem because I can ping my two vms but telnet doesn’t work. What do you think ?

So if I understand correctly, you have installed VMs on your local machine and building a cluster out of those?

When you say you can ping the VMs, do you mean from your host machines or do you mean you can ping one VM from another?

Telnet is used to test the open ports. You should ideally be able to telnet to an IP and Port to make sure where ever you are telnetting from can connect to the IP and port

I’m able to ping one VM from another.

But for example when I try telnet from my dataServer : >telnet (which is my Master Server) it’s saying “No route to host”

This is why I’m thinking it might be a firewall problem

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I think you need to check your VM software’s network settings and enable networking between your VMs. Something on these lines



Hi ! Thanks for helping but I think I already did that ! I already configured the different networks so I don’t understand …

Make sure you can ping each of the IP addresses for each VM from the master.

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You need to go through druid doc religiously



Yes i am able to ping every vm from the master (as I am able to ping the master from every vm). It’s just that telnet isn’t working and raise the error : no route to host

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I understand but which point didn’t I follow ?

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What Linux OS do you have installed on your VMs?

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I use CentOs