Problems about flattenSpec using Tranquility


I’m suffering a problem about flattenSpec using tranquility.

I wonder, does tranquility know nested timestamp using flattenSpec ?

I’m using druid 0.9.0 stable version, and tranquility core java api.

I searched through this Druid User group, just a little subject talk about flattenSpec.!searchin/druid-user/flattenSpec/druid-user/iu-U0EFisR4/1Yoc3IIoEQAJ
In this subject, it seems that using nested timestamp may ok with tranquility.!searchin/druid-user/flattenSpec/druid-user/udbuwFgWzZ8/I8_eKqUaDQAJ

But this subject says, the doc is out-of-date, and it should replace ‘nested’ with ‘path’.

When I used nested timestamp in tranquility, it dropped all messages which I think the reason of is that tranquility doesn’t recognize the nested timestamp.

I found this very helpful
and this too$[2:]

Hi Skyler, which version of Tranquility are you using?

Hi Skyler,

flattenSpec support was added to Tranquility in version 0.8.0, so you’ll need to upgrade if you aren’t on that

The docs on are out-of-date, they’ll be corrected in the upcoming 0.9.1 release, please base your spec on this document:

Scott, thanks for providing that herokuapp link, I’ve added a reference to it in the docs.

  • Jon

Hi Jon and FJ,
I miss the high version tranquility, as my tranquility is 0.7.4. I’ll update the tranquility, thanks very much ! :slight_smile:

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