Push data from historical segment cash in too deep storage

I have a need to replace my deep storage on a druid environment fairly early and its lifespan. I believe all the data that is in deep storage is also located on my historical nodes.

I believe there is a way to push data from historical segment cash into deep storage.

I would like to get the data from the segment cash into the new deep storage environment. does anyone know how to do this or can you please point me to documentation that explains this?


Historicals only pull segments from Deep Storage and I don’t think it can publish to Deep Storage.

Do you still have the raw data (pre-index)?

Rommel Garcia

I understand that they pull from deep storage when they need to but I thought there was some mechanism to push data into deep storage if you had all of it in historical disk.

No we do not have the raw data. I appreciate your response and now I’m questioning my memory. LOL