Put array of json records to druif by surervisor

Hi all,

Please, tell me, can i inject array of json records, to druid?

Now a have kafka stream with records:

[ { “dt” : 123123123, key : “hi” }, { “dt” : 123123323, key : “hi1” }, { “dt” : 1231223123, key : “hi2” } ]

I use the druid-kafka-indexing-service but middle manager got “error parccing”.

If i put one json record - all good.

Hello Anton,

The json parser spec cannot directly parse an array of json records and would expect each record to be on its own. However you could use the regex parseSpec (http://druid.io/docs/latest/ingestion/data-formats.html#regex) and write a custom pattern to extract your records. However, the regex parser would be slower than a custom Java parser.